Re-Think Your Drink!!!

You wouldn’t eat 20 packets of sugar, would you? Then why would you drink it? The average american adult is drinking 350 calories of sugar a day. That’s 20 teaspoons of sugar being consumed, equivalent to adding 1 pound of body fat every 10 days. I think if we really knew how much sugar we were consuming and giving our children, we would try to cut down or cut it all together. So how are all these drinks(specifically soda) effecting us ? Lets look at the chart to the below

  • Weight – drinking one soda a day is equivalent to drinking 39 pounds of sugar a year.
  • Brain – Effects our brains ability to produce the chemicals that help us retain information and memories
  • Kidneys – The acid in soda ,especially diet soda, has been linked to kidney stones 
  • Digestive System – The carbonate can cause gas, bloating, cramping etc.
  •  Bones – Soft drinks has been linked to osteoporosis and bone density loss.
  • Heart – Increased risk of heart attack.
  • Lungs – Increased risk of developing asthma or COPD.
  • Teeth – Drinking soda is almost as bad as drinking battery acid, which corodes the teeth.








Now maybe some of you are saying “Well, I’m not drinking all that sugar, I only drink diet beverages.”  Guess again! Diet beverages are even worse than their regular counterparts. So what’s in diet beverages? Instead of sugar, they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin, acesulfame-k or sucralose. These sweeteners (specifically aspartame) is known to cause lesions, tumors and the rise in obesity. If Aspartame causes all these health issues, why was it approved and why hasnt it been discontinued? Watch this 3 minute segment below for the answer.

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“You Don’t know, What you Don’t Know”


If your reading this post you probably wondering “What don’t I know, that I don’t know?“. Well let me start off with examples of “things you do know, that you don’t know.

  • We know our eye’s shut when we sneeze, but we don’t know why.
  • We all dream when we go to sleep, but we don’t know why.
  • We know when one person yawns others around them do, but we don’t know why.

    Now Some factsYou don’t know, that you don’t know

Said best by Dr. Peter Glidden “You don’t Know, What you don’t Know“. So lets start With Nutrition, You eat healthy, you work out, but are you really getting the nutrition your body needs from your food? Can the for basic food groups provide you with the proper nutrition your body needs? Well Lets see. In 1936 the U.S. Senate Report stated U.S. Soil is depleted of minerals, its now 2013 and its the same. There is no minerals in the soil, which means there’s no minerals in the plants. So if there’s no minerals in the soil and plants then there’s none in us. So the obvious and simple answer is “NO”.

So “What are Diseases?” Nothing More than Nutrition Deficiencies. When the human body does not have the proper nutrition it is prone to develop 10 nutrition deficient diseases. So when we develop a disease, who is the first person we run to? Our Doctor (M.D.) who study Allopathic medicine. M.D. doctors are trained to believe that the human body can not heal itself with proper nutrition, that the only way to treat and eliminate disease is through drugs and/or surgery. Well REALITY CHECK!!! How many people have seen commercials or read the labels on the latest drugs?  Where it may rid you of your current symptoms, it gives you 50 other more symptoms and leaves at risk for Ex. (increased risk of a heart attack, bloating, diarrhea, headaches etc.) So now we are beginning to learn that taking medicinal drugs, is like painting the mold in your basement, they just cover up your symptoms.

Well if the nutrition is not in the food, Where Can I Get It From?”  That’s a simple question, so here’s your Simple answer, YOUNGEVITY. This company creates provides health conscious consumers innovative and quality products, to help achieve health and wellness inside and out.

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